ZAPTurboMAX 8.7.0 Cracked – Whatsapp Marketing Bot

The ultimate solution to increase your Whats sales by 10X more and help you bring in new customers every day. 
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What does ZAPTurbo have to offer?
Optimize your communication with automatic messaging and watch your sales soar!
See the data below from recent surveys on whats campaigns:
Unlimited Shipments
Send hundreds of messages a day, shoot whenever you want and without additional charges.

Group Finder
Search for groups with the keywords of the niche you want and the system will find you like magic!

Multiple Accounts
Connect as many Whatsapp accounts as you want and have greater control over your campaigns.

Typing Simulation
Our system simulates a human typing, thus increasing effectiveness and reducing the risk of blocking

Media Submission
No more sending those boring messages, now you can send images, videos, audios and files

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