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Your Business Needs More High-Quality Traffic

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Unlock A Fresh & High-Quality Traffic Source That 99% Of Your Competition Hasn’t Exploited

Rank on Local Language SERPs With Subtitled & Language Voice-Over Videos in 100s of Languages (All With A Click!)

Hit 🡅 PLAY 🡅 To See How To Create 100s of Local Language Versions of Any Video

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Automatically Subtitle any video in the language you choose.

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Automatically redub (Voice-Over) videos in the language of your choice

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Get local language captions (SRT) for your videos for higher rankings.

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Over 5,243 Unique Visitors To Money-Pages From Non-English Keywords

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6 Ways Local-Languages Will BOOM! Your Business
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[Image: gra1.png]

Target unexploited and exclusive traffic that marketing sharks have left alone.

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Get #1 spots on SERPs for keywords with insanely high volumes

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Tap a higher % of your local market as well as big global audience

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Make every video get you 5x – 10x more viewers

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Attract FB viewers even when their sound is off.

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Use local language Closed Captions (SRTs) to get more search from YouTube & Google

Transcribe, Translate & Redub Your Videos In Local Languages With VidScribe AI
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  • Feed it any YouTube URL or video and VidScribe AI will automatically download the video to transcribe, translate and redub it.
  • Uses a constantly improving, highly trained AI to give you the most accurate machine translations around.
  • Get natural sounding speech in multiple languages using the same technology behind Amazon’s Alexa.
  • Includes powerful training that shows you how to rank to the top with local languages.
  • Matches audio while redubbing (Voice-over) in local language using AI tech for best in class synchronicity.

[Image: prodbox2.png]

  • Get highly accurate videos with best in class transcriptions, translations and redubbing (voice-over) all done for you.
  • 100% editable. Modify anything you want including the transcription, translation or the redub (voice-over) synchronisation.
  • Uploads videos on auto to YouTube, to Facebook & even to Instagram & Snapchat (through Dropbox)
  • Desktop based app puts everything in your control and generates your videos without any waiting or allocation.
  • Automatically subtitles your video with high-visibility subtitles in multiple colors. You get an immediate viewership boost in local languages.

Get VidScribe AI Today & Also Claim Your Video Marketing Training That Shows You How To Drive More Traffic & Sales From Languages

Don’t Leave Your YouTube Success To Chance. Learn from the marketer that specialises in language search and generates tens of thousands of visitors every month from it.

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Why Is Language Search Your Secret Lethal Weapon That You Need Right Now?

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You could bang your head against the same ranking strategies like everyone, or slip-in from the backdoor

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One step and you get access to 20% extra local visitors + 100% fresh global audience

A huge percentage of the country’s population can speak another language.
They don’t only know it, they speak it, read it, write it, watch videos in it and search in it.
In the US alone it’s a cool 65 million people who use a second language every day.
That’s equal to the population of the United Kingdom!
Imagine Having EXCLUSIVE Access To A Market The Size Of UK That Nobody Else Is Targeting
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Rank For Video search in other languages

[Image: leftarrow.png]
[Image: ico2.png]

Rank For Google search in other languages

[Image: leftarrow.png]
[Image: ico3.png]

Go to #1 on both for BUYER keywords

You’ve been told that paid search is the only way, haven’t you?

That’s a loser statement.

That’s what anyone who has tried and failed will tell you.

They’ve tried ranking for buyer keywords and failed, and failed so miserably that they have given up and are content with throwing thousands of dollars to make a 5-10% RoI (Return on Investment).

Truth : Paid Traffic Is Just As Competitive As Organic & 8x More Expensive

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Let me drop another truth bomb for you here.

Getting RoI from paid traffic is growing tougher every day because more businesses are targeting those scarce ad inventories.

Every single business you know wants to drive sales from the Internet. It’s the in thing to do. They don’t know any better and paid traffic seems like the most convenient option, so they throw money at it.

PPC Bitter Pills

[Image: sad.png]

You are bidding for the inventory that about 100s of other businesses are targeting.

[Image: sad.png]

You are watching your ads day-night and going crazy adjusting things to lower costs.

[Image: sad.png]

The day you stop throwing money at this, your income dies.

You Want To Grow? Make Search Your Slave!
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It’s not even a decision! Even without the amazing traffic backdoor that VidScribe AI opens up, search was still the better option.

Don’t need to be Stephen Hawkings To Figure This Out

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[Image: ch2.png]
Have people find you organically and you will be able to use your higher margins and profits to drive any competition out of the market.

The SERP Backdoor : Use Language Search + The Power of Videos

Put language subtitles & redub your videos in other languages

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[Image: screenshot2.png]

There are [b]two known truths in SEO.[/b]

[Image: tp1.png]

[Image: tp2.png]

Combine these two and you have a perfect ranking formula.

Create videos in local languages targeting local search and get more traffic instantly, it’s the easiest
recipe to higher rankings and more traffic.

Seeing Is Believing After All
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[Image: scall.png]

All of these videos were originally made in another language and generated thousands of fresh views by just using subtitles and redubbing.

All you need to do to get the same traffic as these guys is to convert all your existing videos to other languages.

Create other language versions of your videos with subtitles.


Redub your videos in the local languages.

This technique is so lethal that you should do it today even if you decide to not buy VidScribe AI.

Of course it’s going to be a lot slower and a lot more expensive.

Here’s What It Takes To Capture Language Search If You Don’t Have VidScribe AI

[Image: lineb.png]

Step 1
Get your videos transcribed in the original language
[Image: times.png] 2 Hours
[Image: d.png] $10
Step 2
Get your transcript translated into the new language
[Image: c.png] 2 Days
[Image: d.png] $50
Step 3
Get an audio recording for your new language transcript
[Image: c.png] 2 Days
[Image: d.png] $150
Step 4
Get an editor to place the redubbed audio on your video, matching everything
[Image: c.png] 3 Days
[Image: d.png] $120
   Total Cost

[Image: cal.png]
7 Days &
2 Hours

[Image: do.png]


Ridiculous! No wonder so few people ever attempt this. It’s too expensive and too time consuming to even think about starting such a project.

It was, till we used the power of AI to do in minutes what you would need to pay a human being 100s of dollars for!

With VidScribe AI You Can Do All This At 0 Cost & In A Matter of Minutes[Image: linew.png]

Watch The Demo & See It In Action

Sample Video Transcribed, Translated, Subtitled & Redubbed Into Spanish From English[Image: linew.png]

[Image: payment2.png]
Our Users Love VidScribe AI & The Results It Produces

[Image: lineb.png]

[Image: testi_luigi_davila.jpg]

Luigi Dávila
My eyes popped when I saw this. It’s an awesome opportunity for me to use my already existing videos to reach other markets without having to create everything from scratch and without breaking bank.

[Image: testi_freddie_mahinda.jpg]

Freddie Mahinda
This is mind blowing! Cyril did it again. This will help me to reach HUGE market such as Brazil and Mexico TODAY.

[Image: testi_carlos_henry.jpg]

Carlos Henry
This is an excellent application. Through it any offline/online marketer will be able to enter different regional markets without having to invest a large amount of time.

[Image: test_nathan_gassman.jpg]

Nathan Gassman
This will be a gamechanger not having to manually change languages on each video. We open up to new markets much faster.

This Is The Size of The Market That VidScribe AI Opens Up To You

[Image: lineb.png]
[Image: marsze.png]

[Image: marsze1.png]
[Image: marsze2.png]

[Image: marsze3.png]
[Image: line2.png]Total : Over 2 Billion People
[Image: line2.png][Image: popullation.png]

Try this now.

Convert all your videos into multiple local languages, upload them to YouTube.


Even if you fail miserably, with the hundreds of videos that you put up targeting low-competition and high-attention markets, you will still get more free traffic and more visitors than you imagine.

It’s just a game of numbers.

You’re putting out content in a content starved market which sees only a fraction of the amount of content created in English.

[b]Result : You get easier access, more visitors and better conversions.[/b]
All it takes is a couple of hours from you for a few days to convert and upload multiple videos.

Know what? You can even outsource this task. Give it to your virtual assistant. This is so easy that anyone can do this. Even your grandma!

She has free time! Right?

[Image: pay.png]

Transcribing, Translation, & Redubbing Between Multiple Languages
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[Image: arr1.png]
[Image: arr2.png]
[Image: arr1.png]
The best thing – You’re not limited to transcribing, translation and redubbing from English to other languages.

You can do this from ANY language to ANY language.

So don’t just target local languages with your English language video, target any language from any language video!

Bring your local language videos to English, or take them to other languages. It’s very-very easy!

The Easiest Organic Traffic Boost You’ll Ever Get This Year
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Step #1

[Image: step1.png]

Feed It!

Feed VidScribe AI videos from your YouTube or your PC.

[Image: lftarrow.png]

Step #2

[Image: step2.png]

Upload It!

Upload your converted videos.

[Image: lftarrow.png]

Step #3

[Image: step3.png]

Reap It!

Watch the traffic flow in from fresh sources.

Point & Click Easy, You Don’t Need To Be A Wizard of Anything

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[Image: rightclip.png]
Accepts both videos & YouTube URLs
Select a video from your computer or put in any YouTube URL. VidScribe AI will automatically download the video to your computer.

Automatic Transcribing
Get a transcript for your video in the original language complete with timecode. You can modify this and change anything you want.
[Image: leftclip.png]

[Image: rightclip.png]
Automatic Translation
Convert the transcript into any available language. Just in a matter of seconds. Again you have total control and can change anything.

Overlay Subtitles
Turn your translated text into subtitles. Modify colors, background to create a high-impact visual.
[Image: leftclip.png]

[Image: rightclip.png]
Redub Audio
Your translation also turns into redubbing and VidScribe AI will even match the dialog pace to give you the best quality redub technically possible. On 100% auto.

Upload online
Send it to YouTube or Facebook or use the Dropbox integration to republish it on Instagram or Snapchat. All done for you!
[Image: leftclip.png]

[Image: time2.png] Limited Time Offer #1
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Get VidScribe AI & We’ll Also Give You The Training To Maximize Your Traffic
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[Image: boxv.png]

Tools are fantastic but tools + knowing how to use them is SUPERB!

Buy VidScribe AI today and we will also give you powerful video marketing training that will show you how to use the language videos for powerful impact.

Use the software, learn the training and you’ll get 3x or 4x the results from VidScribe AI Elite.

Make use of this limited time offer and grab VidScribe AI because the training is going to be a paid add-on not long from now.

Built by a top marketer, this comprehensive video training starts from scratch, guiding you through the principles of ranking videos and telling you every little trick and secret you need to know.

The worth of this training alone is more than what we’re asking for the software + training.

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Become A YouTube Marketing Hero Learn Everything You Need To Know

[Image: lineb.png]

Chapter 1 : Introduction
1.1 A brief history of YouTube
1.2 How YouTube Gets Traffic
1.3 Some YouTube Stats
1.4 What is organic traffic?

[Image: arrow4.png]
[Image: yt1.png]

[Image: yt2.png]

[Image: arrow3.png]
Chapter 2 : Starting out on YouTube
2.1 Finding your niche
2.2 Understanding video formats
2.3 How to edit your videos?
2.4 Where to find images for your videos?
2.5 How to do graphics for your videos?
2.6 Where to find music?

Chapter 3 : Optimizing Your videos to be found
3.1 Optimizing Titles
3.2 Optimizing Descriptions
3.3 Optimizing Thumbnails
3.4 Optimizing Tags
3.5 Keyword research
3.6 Using Closed Captions

[Image: arrow4.png]
[Image: yt3.png]

[Image: yt4.png]

[Image: arrow3.png]
Chapter 4 : Quick Promotion Techniques
4.1 Targeting Keywords Through Playlist
4.2 Use Keywords in comments
4.3 Engage with every comment
4.4 Use Keywords in video filenames
4.5 Keep updating metadata over time
4.6 Unsubscribed Trailors
4.7 Use Emoji symbols in titles & descriptions

Chapter 5 : Improving Engagement
5.1 Ask people to subscribe and click on the ‘bell’ icon
5.2 Call to action in videos
5.3 Use comments effectively

[Image: arrow4.png]
[Image: yt5.png]

[Image: yt6.png]

[Image: arrow3.png]
Chapter 6 : Using advanced features
6.1 Using YouTube Community
6.2 Going Live on YouTube
6.3 YouTube Stories

Chapter 7 : What is YouTube looking for?
7.1 Likes & Dislikes both have value
7.2 Get people to engage as much as possible
7.3 Design your videos for the mobile
7.4 Engage your audience in every way
7.5 Build social signals for your YouTube video

[Image: arrow4.png]
[Image: yt7.png]

[Image: yt8.png]

[Image: arrow3.png]
Chapter 8 : Building an audience
8.1 Using Social Media
8.2 Using Facebook
8.3 Using Twitter
8.4 Using Instagram
8.5 Using Quora

Chapter 9 : YouTube Analytics
9.1 Where is your audience coming from?
9.2 Understanding your audience demographics
9.3 The most important metric – Watch time

[Image: arrow4.png]
[Image: yt9.png]

[Image: yt10.png]

[Image: arrow3.png]
Chapter 10 : Getting Paid
10.1 Monetize using YouTube Partner program
10.2 Monetize by getting endorsements
10.3 Monetize by promoting your products
10.4 Monetize by affiliate marketing
10.5 Build your list using YouTube

Chapter 11 : YouTube marketing tools
11.1 Social Blade
11.2 Traffic Jeet
11.3 Tuberank Jeet
11.4 Playtraffic
11.5 Tube Engage Pro
11.6 Channel Authority Builder
11.7 Tube Target

[Image: arrow4.png]
[Image: yt11.png]

[Image: time.png] Limited Time Offer #2
[Image: line5.png]

Also Get Commercial Rights & Use Vidscribe AI For Your Clients

[Image: lineb.png]

[Image: boxv1.png]

Every single site owner, blog owner and even offline business owner is looking to be found online and now you can help them using VidScribe AI.

Get VidScribe AI now and you will also get a Commercial License which authorizes you to sell create language videos for your clients.

You can charge them for the service or even give them away free as an add-on to your existing marketing offers.

5 Powerful Ways To Get Sales With VidScribe AI Commercial Rights
[Image: linew.png]

[Image: icn1.png]
[Image: no1.png]
Sell Subtitling , redubing and SRT creation as SEO service on for $20-$50 a pop
[Image: icn2.png]
[Image: no2.png]
Talk to your local business owners and charge them a monthly fee to help them find local language audience. Charge $200 to $1,000 a month.
[Image: icn3.png]
[Image: no3.png]
Rank videos with VidScribe AI for keywords, get some traffic and then sell or rent out the video traffic to business owners for $10-$50 a month per video.

[Image: ic4.png]
[Image: no4.png]
Create a lot of language videos and sell backlinks / mentions to business owners for $50-$150 a mention.
[Image: icn5.png]
[Image: no5.png]
Make language videos an add-on to your existing SEO services and charge 20-30% extra from your existing clients.

[Image: payment2.png]

[Image: time.png] Limited Time Offer #3
[Image: line5.png]

Get A Powerful Youtube Marketing App That Gives You Local Language Keyword

[Image: lineb.png]

[Image: boxv3.png]

Yes, you’re going to get a ton of videos for every language, but how are you going to turn them into real and valuable traffic?

How are you going to find effective keywords that will get you the traffic you need?

Get VidScribe now and we will solve that problem for you. We’ll give you an app that will give you all the local language keywords you want.

Just enter the original keyword in English, select the target language you want and this app will translate the keyword automatically.

This app finds you the local language keywords to put in your video.

This is going to be vital for your success. Grab it now before we put it in the paid upgrade!

[Image: pay.png]

[Image: recap.png] Quick Recap

[Image: line3.png]The Biggest Reasons Why You Should Grab Your VidScribe AI Right Now
[Image: linew.png]

[Image: boxvid.png]
  • Easily target the inaccessible 20% of the local market that you couldn’t touch with one-language videos.
  • Get more organic visitors and free traffic from the world over by talking to them in their language.
  • Create SRT files in multiple languages and put them in your single language video to get more SEO traffic from Google & YouTube.
  • Local language subtitle videos get you a wider audience and more traffic from local language speakers.
  • Re-dub your videos into local languages and make get massive traffic from any country of the world.
  • 100% white hat. We do nothing that will get you banned from Google and Facebook.
  • Does translation, transcribing and redubbing from any language to any language. You can turn foreign language videos to English.
  • Turn one video into multiple videos and grab every little piece of traffic in your niche worldwide.
  • Commercial license lets you sell SEO optimization from CoreSEO as a service or even give away free to get more leads and clients.
  • Incredibly easy to use even for newbies. We don’t make any assumptions about what you know.
  • Take advantage of lower competition in other languages to get higher CTRs and conversions.

[Image: moneyback.png]
Money Back Guarantee
Making up your mind is hard, especially when it’s a new technology that you haven’t tried yet. Well, we really want you to have the first mover’s advantage, and that’s why we are prepared to bear all the risk.
Here’s our guarantee!
Buy VidScribe Elite, and use it for up to 30 days risk-free. If you don’t like what it does for you and your business, just let us know within 30 days through a support ticket at 

 and we will refund you 100% of the money!

Grab Your Language Traffic Before Your Competition Takes It Away Too

Get VidScribe AI & Automate Your Global Traffic Machine Today

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