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Powerful Software that Uncovers Top Trending Searches, Top Converting Content and Best Performing Ads Directly on Pinterest!

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Get full access to the powerful Pin Inspector Desktop software for both PC & Mac Computers with bonus installs & commercial license for just $67

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Get Instant Access to Endless Data from Pinterest with 6 Built-In Data Extraction Tools!

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1. Popular Keywords

Quickly generate hundreds of top popular keywords directly from the Pinterest autosuggest engine!
Plus, easily get search volume, cost-per-click, and competition data using free resources.
With Pin Inspector you’ll always have fresh keyword ideas at your fingertips for optimizing your own content.
Use these powerful high-converting keywords in your board names, pin titles, hashtags, and more!
Pinterest is the 4th largest online social media website with powerful keyword data you can use anywhere in your business.
Harness the power of top searched keywords in your content today!

2. Top Trends

Simply click the “Latest Trends” button to Instantly extract the current latest trending searches directly from the Pinterest Trends section.
Stay ahead of the competition knowing the top trends are spiking right now!
See a full year of search volume data for ALL extracted trending search phrases.
Enter any keyword and the trends extraction engine will generate hundreds of trending search phrases by appending each letter of the alphabet to your search keyword.
PLUS, you can extract trending data for ANY imported keyword list!
Not only that, you can ALSO extract related trending search phrases for imported keyword lists!
There is NO other software on the planet that extracts trends data directly from Pinterest!

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3. Pins Analyzer

Instantly pull back OVER 45+ different data points for EVERY pin extracted!
Extract pins, videos, and ads directly from Pinterest in must seconds!
Quickly uncover the pins with the MOST saves & repins, then repin those same pins to your own boards for maximum traffic exposure!
Easily view pin images directly inside the data grid.
With the handy columns feature, you can also show and/or hide any column(s) you want making it easy to see the data you need fast!
Don’t know what to search for?
No problem, simply use the “Category” section to extract the top pins from over 30+ built-in Pinterest categories!

4. Browse & Scrape

Experience the true power of our NEW browse & scrape technology allowing you to reveal hidden data from your own Pinterest feed!
Uncover the top performing ads in your Pinterest feed
Instantly see 45+ different data points that Pinterest hides from you!
Extract data for ANY pins on Pinterest
Quickly uncover the BEST converting pins & ads in your Pinterest feed as you browse!

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5. Boards Analyzer

Knowing what Pinterest boards are producing the BEST results are vital to any online campaign.
With Pin Inspector you can extract 14+ data points for every Pinterest board found.
No more guessing what boards you need to follow and repin for maximum traffic.
PLUS, you can analyze all pins inside ANY given board with the click of the mouse!
Let Pin Inspector reveal the TOP pins inside ANY given board on Pinterest in just seconds! 

6. Pinner Analyzer

Extract 19+ different data points for each extracted top pinner from Pinterest in just seconds!
Pin Inspector will reveal ALL the hidden data Pinterest doesn’t show you!
See how many profile views top pinners got in the past 30 days!
Extract all pins for any given user to uncover their BEST  converting content!
It has never been easier to spy on the TOP pinners on Pinterest to reverse engineer their successful content.
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Download Pin Image & Video Files Directly to Your Computer for Unlimited Posts!

Download Media

We made it super easy to download pin video and image files directly to your computer!
Download UNLIMITED number of video and pin image files
Build your own swipe files database of top videos and images for your own research
Deliver videos and image files to your clients
Top converting content is the life blood of any online business and with the media downloader, you can stock pile the best content in just a click of the mouse!
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Get 47 Data Columns For EVERY Pin or Video Post!

There is NO other software on the planet that can extract 47 different data values for every Pin post extracted from Pinterest!
We have spent hundreds of hours researching data sources to uncover this hidden data Pinterest doesn’t show you.
Stop fumbling around Pinterest trying to “guess” what pins & videos are converting the best ..
.. and let Pin Inspector instantly reveal the top Repins, Saves, Reactions, and 45 MORE data points!

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