Mass Video Blaster Pro 2.81 Cracked 2022 – Bulk Youtube Video Uploader

Upload your YouTube videos like a real PROThe leading YouTube Marketing Software: start managing your videos on 100% autopilot!World’s Fastest YouTube Uploader & Manager
=Multiple Account Support
=Schedule your uploads
=Check your video rankings and statistics

Normal Price: $167 $77 USD Upload your videos on YouTube on Auto-Pilot!Stop wasting time uploading your videos by hand. Let MVB upload for you!
Mass UploadMass is the key word in Mass Video Blaster Pro. You can literally upload hundreds of videos per day with little to no effort!
Mass Edit Video FilesEditing videos manually can take hours and hours, especially when you want to upload tons of videos. Start saving time and let MVB Pro do the work for you!
Mass Add VideosYou have the possibility to mass import the video files, along with the titles, descriptions and tags, in 1 single click. Mas add your video files and start uploading them.
Easy & Intuitive InterfaceWe tested Mass Video Blaster Pro for over 3 years, and that testing lead to an incredible easy work flow. The learning curve is less than a few days
No More Duplicate ContentOur one-of-a-kind technology will allow you to upload your personal video file multiple times on YouTube, so you can do split testing.
Powerful Video EditorYou can automatically add watermark, change audio, cut time, resize or even append an introvideo before uploading on YouTube.
Huge Time SaverAfter you master Mass Video Blaster Pro, it’s a set and forget service! Load your campaigns and hit start and let MVB Pro do all the work for you, 100% automated.
Video StatisticsTrack your video statistics with ease. See on what position they rank on YouTube or on Google with 1 single click.
Backup & RestoreAre you afraid you can lose your work? Fear no more. MVB pro has an automatic backup and restore function that will guarantee you that youwon’t lose your precious campaignsLet’s be frank right from the start,It’s not easy to get a ton of views on just any old videoThat’s the bad news.The good news is that good and fresh videos can easily get 200.000 views per month.Every day there are hundreds of new Viral Videos on the web, just imagine how much money you could make if you owned such videos…What if you could easily upload all the your performing videos, re-tag them, SEO optimize the descriptions, fine tune everything about them and then easily start banking money?It’s split testing on steroids!!! Watch for best performers, copy their style, create your own video then blast it multiple times.MVB Pro Can Do Hours Worth Of Work…Literally in MINUTES!

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What used to take 3-4 hours creating and submitting videos now takes minutesthats right,MINUTES!Mass Video Blaster let you upload videos from YouTube, whether its about the hottest video game to hit the market, some sweet a** music video, the newest diet or weight loss product on the market, latest movie trailers , latestaffiliate product, or any video that you can think of, dosent matter. You can massimport videos to your campaign, watermark them with your website, add an intro video, and upload all of them within a matter of minutes

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Normal Price: $167Only $77  Mass Video Blaster is designed to work with any type of video marketing campaign!

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If you are using a fine tuned campaign where you are aiming to get more views to a single videoMass Video Blaster will do all the hard work for you. MVB will create the link wheel of videos that point to your target video and bring highly targeted subscriber to your account.
And here comes the best part you wont need to send any friend request or subscribe to any channel.
You will let the subscribers come to you, by  uploading your top rated videos.
For those who think that more is better, Mass Video Blaster will be like a dream came true. This tool is designed to work in mass mode.Here’s where you can use MVB Pro…

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TV Series & Movies NicheMVB Pro was designed to let you upload TV Series and Movie trailers in mass, on your YouTube channels. Start exploiting CPA cash using the TV Series or Movies method.

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Gaming NicheDiscover the power of PPD and PPI income by uploading game trailers, game hacks, game cheats and a lot more. Automatically add views to your videos and rank hundreds of videos per day in the Game niche.

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Affiliate ProductsYou won’t believe how easy it is to upload affiliate promo videos, and start earning money from amazon, clickbank, jvzoo or warrior plus.Heard about a new product? Upload the same videos tons of times and target different keywords, all with 1 click.What Our Customers Are SayingDon’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!“This is an EXCELLENT piece of software that I recommend to everyone who is in to the Youtube marketing. In the space of a few days, only using it to upload about 20-30 videos per day I have managed to get 30 subscribers but best of all 10,000 views.”ZelthconBHW User“I am using MVB probably the best tool out there it`s so simple to use it and time saving software without this i was making around 5$ a day working and searching almost manually! It really changed the game!”ValerugoBHW User“Your Product and Customer Service is OUTSTANDING! I am not one for writing reviews but I have started uploading a few hundred videos and have already seen my traffic increase, amazing! Support these guys, MVB Pro is pure quality.”Michael JayBHW UserTake a look at this video made by one of our clientsClick Play!
How it worksWe are working around the clock to perfect all the features and implement all the funcions that you would ever need in a YouTube Uploader. Mass Video Blaster has 4 main functions:Mass Add VideosImport all your videos to your campaigns, and then duplicate them so you can upload multiple times.Mass UploadUpload all your videos using multithreaded technology.Mass EditAdd your watermark, annotations, cut time and change the audio of any video in no time.Video StatisticsKepp track of your best performing videos, accounts statistics with our builin graphical display.Watch our product tour

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 Here are the main features of Mass Video BlasterAnd you will understand why MVB is the undisputed number one uploaderUpload Module
RAssign accounts to videosBefore uploading you can easily assign the accounts so you will know how the videos will be uploaded
RManually assign accountsRight click on a video to assign manually an account to it
RContinuous loopIf you have multiple campaigns, when MVB Pro finishes uploading one campaign, it will automatically move on to the next
RSchedule UploadYou can now schedule videos or campaigns. You can tell MVB Pro to pick random dates when to upload/list/disable comments/add annotations/add captions.
RMore actionsThis is the list of actions that can be done in MVB Pro: check videos, assign accounts, upload videos, list, unlist, disable comments, disable ratings, add annotations, generate and add captions, change thumbnail…
RChange thumbnailAfter the video is processed on YouTube MVB Pro can now change the thumbnail for a videoAdd Videos Module
RMass ImportImport videos from a text file and auto assign title and description
RExport videosUse custom formats while exporting, export what you want (title, link, original author, file, etc.)
RAdd from PCAdd video files from your PC and fill in title/description/tags
RDuplicate videosYou can now duplicate a video multiple times with a single click, and upload the same file multiple times
RMultiple Campaign SupportIf you think that the video does not fit your current campaign, simply move it to another one with this easy feature
RSpin syntaxMVB Pro fully supports spyntax and nested spyntax like {Hello|Hi {Vlad|Alex}}
RDuplicate campaignDuplicate the entire campaign and upload it again to YouTube
RText replace functionsAutomatically replace text or links from existing descriptionsAccount support
RDelete videosMass delete all videos from an account, directly on YouTube
RRefresh accountsRetrieve the number of channel views/videos from a specific YouTube account
RCheck accountsVerify if your accounts are up and running
RMulti channel supportEnter the same account and specify the channel for the account with ease.
RMulti threadingAll features (check, verify, delete) are multi threading. You can use up to eight threads at a time.
REasy to manageDouble-click on a campaign to assign accounts, double-click on an account to assign a proxy.
RMass ImportImport accounts from a text file in various formatsProxy Support
RProxy supportManually assign or randomly assign proxies to selected accounts
RPPOE SupportChange IP using PPOE or call a custom .bat file where you can write Windows BAT Code
RIntegrated HMASimply select the HideMyAss installation folder and before each login, MVB Pro will reconnect HMA to get a new fresh IP
RProxy checkerCheck to see if the proxies are valid. If the proxies are broken, they wont be used in MVB ProBuilt-in video editor
RChange audioChange the soundtrack of video before uploading
RChange audio from folderYou can change the audio of the video by picking a random audio file from a local directory
RMake video uniqueMake video unique to by re-encoding the video and adding watermark. 
RWatermarkYou can use an image watermark or auto generate a watermark from text.
RWatermark optionsYou can specify the final size of the watermark and also the position
RChange audio with descriptionMVB Pro can turn your text description to audio and add it to the video
RCut timeMVB Pro can cut random seconds from the start or end of the video to make sure your video is unique, or to remove parts of the original video.
RAppend introYou can specify an intro video and MVB pro will append that video to your video file before uploading to YouTube
RLive previewWhenever you do a change in the video editor settings, you have a quick preview button to see how the final video file will lookTons of other features
RMultiple campaignsOrganize your videos in different campaigns, so it’s easier to manager everything.
RDetachable logWhenever a warning or problem appears in MVB Pro, you will be notified in the log window
RMultiple threadsEvery action you do in MVB pro is multi threaded. You can use up to 7 threads.
RAppend introYou can specify an intro video and MVB pro will append that video to your video file before uploading to YouTube
RGoogle positionMVB Pro can now check t o see if your video is ranked on Google
RDelay before uploadAfter MVB Pro will upload a video on an account, you can tell the software to wait for X amount of seconds before uploading next video.Campaign Statistics
RViewsTrace your views and see how your campaigns progress
RVideosView the number of videos you had in a campaign (or all campaigns)Im ready to get to the next Video Marketing level.

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